My Review : Coleman CM2022 Survival Knife 13.6 Inch

Coleman CM2022 Survival Knife 13.6 Inch

My husband and son are both outdoors men and hunters. They are always in the woods when it is hunting season. They enjoy the outdoors and for protection this was the best knife I have received for them.
It has a bunch of great survival tools inside the knife in case of an emergency. It is a 8'' blade, measuring 13.6". They have had a few close call with bears around and other animals when they are out hiking or camping.

When they seen this knife they knew it was of excellent quality and because of the name Coleman. They take it everywhere they go. It has a compass in case they get lost.Also has Matches ,Fishing Thread, Fishing Hook, Brand-Aid, Spring.

I highly recommend this survival knife for anyone who loves the outdoors, camping, and hunting. I received this knife complimentary in exchange for my unbiased and honest opinion. All opinions and words are my own.