My Review : Del Sol Solize Sunglasses

Del Sol

Solize Sunglasses - Help Me Rhonda - White to Pink

These glasses are amazing. A few seconds in the sun and you start to see the color change. The sunglasses I received have small stones on each side of the frame. Along the sides are a small flower design. They are not stickers they are the actual frame. The stones change color along with the sides of the glasses.

High quality 100% UVA UVB blocking and polarized to prevent glare. It is really fun to see the color change and how they change back and forth when you are out.

The adult sunglasses also come with a lifetime guarantee. If your SOLIZE glasses are ever lost, stolen or broken, they come with a guarantee code that allows you to get a new pair of glasses for the cost of shipping and handling.

I will be having a giveaway for these great Sunglasses.

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Vist Del Sol website for great colorchanging products

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  1. I love that these sunglasses are so fashionable and most of all that they have a lifetime guarantee.