Product Review Best Choice Products Moon and Stars Projector Submarine Toy

Best Choice Products Moon and Stars Projector Submarine Toy with Music and Interesting Functions, Adjustable Volume

I received from Best Choice Products a super Moon and Stars Projector recommended for ages 18 months +. Even a young toddler would love the beautiful display of different colors that project when they press down the button. It changes colors and has different light shows. It has 8 different streaming light colors that range from all colors to single colors. A great way for youngsters to learn their colors. It comes with two little pop in and take out a little dolphin and a little seal.

You can adjust the volume from medium to high. 6 buttons your child can interact with and it will make a different sound from the sea. This Projector is very well made. It has wheels so that your child can move it around on the floor and play while the projector displays beautiful colors. A fun and learning toy for all little ones. Play along and teach your toddler for a great learning experience. Would be great to give as a gift. I received this Projector complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own.