My Review : TeckNet® BM306 Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

TeckNet® BM306 Bluetooth Wireless Mouse, 15 Month Battery Life - With Battery Indicator - 2000/1500/1000dPi - Grey

Great Bluetooth Wireless Mouse !! This is the first bluetooth mouse I have owned. All I did was put my PC on to bluetooth, paired it with the mouse and instantly the mouse was running. !! Love it. Works fabulous.

It is very comfortable and smooth along my mouse pad. I like the options of on the side you can click the little orange button and it bring you back to the last page you were viewing and you can continue to do that without moving the mouse. It is called App switching. I am running Windows 10 and it works perfect.

It is very sleek, nicely styled. Lightweight, and requires just 1 AA battery. Has an on off switch so you can save the battery life on the mouse. All options of course you can change to your preferences in mouse properties. I received this awesome wireless mouse complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own.