My Review : "Insta-Snap" iPhone 6 Case [Black] w/ Free Screen Protector!

"Insta-Snap" iPhone 6 Case [Black] w/ Free Screen Protector! Sleek, Modern & Slim Design, Looks & Feels Great In Your Hand, Provides Best Protection for Phone, Lifetime Warranty Included

Instasnap iPhone 6 Case is a nice protective case that comes with a screen protector. It fits my husbands phone perfect. I received my iPhone6 Case and as soon as I opened it my husband put it right on his phone.He loves a black case and he liked it because it shows the Apple Icon through the back. So many cases that are being made cover it. This one from Easy-Tech is a perfect thin case with great protection. It has a wrap around the front for more protection.

This phone case is really built well. It is light and fits his phone perfectly. The fit is perfect, nice and snug. This case is slim but very protective in case your phone drops. He loves it because it is not bulky nor is it flimsy where you would have to very careful. I have a similar case on my phone but you can really see the difference in the quality and how it is made. I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and words are my own.