Product Review Audiosharp AS1127 3.5mm Metal Headphones

Audiosharp AS1127 3.5mm Metal Super Bass In Ear Stereo Earbuds (Silver)

Audiosharp has awesome headphones. This is the second pair my son has tried. He loves headphones because he is very active. He is always in the gym, traveling to work and running. He loves the sound and he always raises the Bass in his car. He says they work great with super sound and no static or noise in the background.

He always has a problem with earphones fitting in his ears. These headphones have 3 sized rubber tips. They come in a little carrying case. He loves them and has been using both Audiosharp headphones. He likes the way they fit in his ears. In Ear Headphones and the super sound. I received these Audiosharp headphones complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own.