Product Review Extremely Durable Garden Hand Trowel

Extremely Durable Garden Hand Trowel. Rust-Free Polished Aluminum with Warranty. The Best Gardening Trowel You will Ever Buy

This is a great Trowel/shovel. I use it in the front of my house to get rid of the weeds. It is very strong and I do not need to use a lot of pressure to dig up anything. Perfect for gardening and planting flowers. The handle is extremely soft and I can hold it so easily. High quality, light-weight polished aluminum trowel head with FULL TANG HANDLE for maximum strength.

I am forever putting down my garden tools and then I can't find them. This trowel has florescent green colors on the handle so I can easily find it. The top side of the handle has a thumb depression enabling additional downward force without extra strain on your hands and forearms. So much easier to use its amazing. Love it !! I received this Hand Trowel complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and reviews are my own.