PinchMe --- About Receiving Samples


I have been a member of PinchMefor about 10 months now. I have received 2 boxes of samples in that time frame. It is a great site to try new products for free. I am sure most of you have heard of it and are a member. If you are not a member you should sign up and fill out all the required information.

As you can see from my Blog I LOVE FREEBIES AND SAMPLES :)
I love to try new products from companies that I have not tried before or have purchased.

A link to their website :PINCHME

You need to fill out:
Member Profile Survey

Take their member profile surveys so we they can find the best samples for you. The more they know, they better the samples.

The more information you fill in, the more samples that will be available to you. I just received the other day a sample box. You have to know prior when new samples will be coming out and on what day and time because these samples go super quick !!!!

Here is my latest sample box !!! 

I received a total of 6 samples in this box. 
Gold Bond Ultimate 0.75 oz Strength and Resilience.
Gold Bond Ultimate 0.75 oz Healing Aloe both are creams.
Dentek Comfort Clean Floss Pick
Starbucks and Starzo Iced Coffee Sample K-Cup
Kelloggs Special K sour Cream and Onion Cracker Chips
Jadience Vitality Anti-Aging Serum

Wine Voucher Card From
Spend $160.00 or more and receive $100.00 off
your purchase of wine.

All samples are nice size and you can defiantly decide if you like the product and would plan to purchase them.

If you have not registered give it a try. You can also go to my and enter your email to receive daily emails and I will let you know when new samples will be coming out. 
Have fun Enjoy !!!