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***Solar Life ***
Everything always changes in our lives. Each day is never the same. I find it amazing how solar energy has become such a big part of our lives. The first I heard of solar is I am sure it is what most of us have heard of or have is solar panels. There still is a small percentage of homes that do have them installed on their roofs but they are by far becoming more popular as a way to heat and cool our homes. As I learned more about solar panels it is said that within the next 20 years 95% of homes will have some sort of solar energy to heat and cool their homes.
Since I have become a product reviewer I have received so many different solar powered devices. I really had no clue that so many devices are powered by solar. From charges, lights, flashlights, calculators, fans dryers and the list goes on and on. It is amazing how important our sun really is and what it can do. I looked up all items that are solar powered and I was shocked at the list.
I obtained the list from Wikipedia if you would like to take a look.
SOLAR POWERED PRODUCTS                               

                                            Solar Charger
Some of my favorites so far have been solar night lights.
 No need for plugs or batteries. I love all the outdoor items such as Motion Detector solar lights, solar lights in the garden and string lights that can be displayed to brighten your backyard at night. Chargers, sensor lights I guess just about all of them !!! I wonder as more manufacturers make solar-powered gadgets and household items will it really help us save on our electric bills and the envirornment. We do not know what is to come but I am sure within the next few years solar-powered items will become more known and we all will have many of them in our homes. !!!!
Would love to hear your thoughts and likes and dislikes about Solar Energy. Feel free to comment below .