Product Review Rise C-Pods, Breakfast Blend Sampler

Rise C-Pods, Breakfast Blend Sampler, Single Serve Coffee by Greater Goods (Breakfast Blend, 12) (Misc.)

I have tried so many K-cups over the past years. I like my coffee not bitter and I like it to taste like coffee. I tried the Rise K-Pods and they are a great tasting coffee. I love the single serve and also like that they are not in a cup. They are in a strainer on the bottom so when the water drips down through the coffee it gives it a much better taste. The coffee is not light it is a perfect blend.

They comes nicely packaged with a one way air keeps oxygen out and freshness in. They are packaged in a durable plastic then placed in a box and sealed. I have not found a good K-cup coffee until now. I recommend Greater Goods Light Roast Brand. I received these K-Pods complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All words and opinions are my own.