Product Review Pest & Animal Repeller

Pest & Animal Repeller - Naturally Repels Deer, Squirrels, Rats, Rabbits, Moles, Gophers, & Other Pests Guaranteed - 100% Organic Pest Control - Best Rabbit and Deer Repellent - Eliminates Rodents and Other Pests Both Indoor and Outdoor - Child, Pet, and Plant Safe - No Chemicals, Traps, Poisons, or Pesticides - 32 oz Ultra Concentrated Scent and Taste Deterrent - Money Back Guarantee.

Upstate there is a serious problem with raccoons and other small animals knocking over the garbage and making a mess everyday. I decided to receive this complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. I thought it would help keep out the animals from making messes and knocking over everything eat all the garbage.

My husband tried it sprayed all around the garbage pails and the entire area. The next day the pails were not knocked over and no animals seemed to have come around. It definitely did help and make a difference. He sprays a few times a week to keep the animals away. Only one time have they been back so far and they did not really make any kind of mess. All opinions and words are my own.