Product Review OSIS+ Glamour Queen Volumizing Hairspray

OSIS+ Glamour Queen Volumizing Hairspray

Osis Volumizing Hairspray is amazing. I love to wear my hair up all year long. I do not like sticky hair spray but want a hairspray that will hold all day. OSIS does just that.

It left my hair smooth not sticky and held all day even in the worst weather. This is the first product I am trying from OSIS and I highly recommend it !!! I love the trigger spray it does not spray all over just where you want it to. 

I have also used it for extra volume when my hair is down. I have long hair and like that extra lift. I would spray it under a layer of my hair and hold for a few seconds to give a nice lift.  This lightweight hairspray increases volume and body without weighing it down. I had such great body when my hair was down it felt amazing. 

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I received this OSIS hairspray complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own.

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