Product Review FSL Patriot Electronic Earmuff For Shooting

FSL Patriot Electronic Earmuff For Shooting, Hunting Ear Protection

My husband has been a hunter since he was a teenager. He has been hunting almost 40 years. He has regular earmuffs for practicing and sighting in his gun. We put the batteries in and he put them on his head. I even tried them on and I didn't hear much. We turned on the dial and my husband was talking but it sounded like he was screaming !!

He went inside and spoke real low and I would respond I hear you. We kept doing that and we both could not believe I could hear him. He said he talking so low whispering two rooms away. He tried them and we did the same thing. He was so happy !!! He said he will use them when he is hunting and will be able to hear the animals when they are further away. Adjustable steel headband fits all head sizes, while ear cushions keep your ears comfortable.

These will especially be more helpful to him because he has slight hearing lose due to his work. He says he can't wait for hunting season. I received these earmuffs for shooting complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own.