Product Review Azio 3500dpi USB Gaming Mouse

Azio 3500dpi USB Gaming Mouse (EXO1-K)
This mouse is awesome !!! I play a few games on the computer and I have been using a wireless mouse for a very long time now. I was so used to using it because I used it for so long I was shocked when I went back to using wired mouse.

When I plugged it in it was recognized right away just plug and play. Very convenient. This mouse is comfortable to hold and it is soo light. I cannot believe how light it is. I will never go back to a wireless mouse again. On the sides of the mouse they have grips which is great when playing a game that you need fast action. I am able to even play my games better because of the grip and the movement of the mouse.

It is optical so the bottom is nice and smooth. My son wants it !! I said no way this is mine you can have the wireless :) So quick and just so fast. I like that it lights up. I have small hands so it is perfect for me. I received this gaming mouse complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. all opinions and words are my own.