Product Review Yoga Sweat Yoga DVD for Weight Loss

Yoga Sweat Yoga DVD for Weight Loss with Julie Schoen - Powerful and Fun Yoga for Weight Loss and Beginners - Burn Calories, Tone Total Body, and Increase Flexibility with Yoga Workouts for Women + Men #1 Best Yoga DVD to Lose Inches - 100% Guaranteed

What a great workout. I just starting doing Yoga a month ago. I really did not think it can help by loosing weight and relieving stress. I really find it very relaxing. I am just a beginner so there are some positions that I cannot do yet. I am working hard at it.

I love this DVD. It is for beginners so it is perfect for me. I have lost around 10 lbs so far between watching what I am eating and doing exercises and doing Yoga. It is very enjoying and hard at times but I keep going. I have been through this DVD a few times and even though it is for beginners it is hard !! I have not exercised in years so it is taking me longer than usual to get back into a routine. I do recommend this tape for beginners and if you want to loose weight. I received this DVD Yoga video complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All words and opinions are my own.