Product Review Tools4Wisdom Planner

Tools4Wisdom Planner - June 2015 Edition

I have to start off saying that as soon as I received my Tools4Wisdon Planner I was thrilled. As I was reading through it and all the information it provides, a lot of things sometimes people forget to think about made me really think about my future plans and how I plan to put it all into this fabulous planner.

I am not such a great organized person but having a Planner like this will put me back into getting organized. I plan to write all daily tasks, things I would like to achieve. There are listed areas of focus that actually help you with ideas for Health and Body, Health, Mind and Soul Innovation like new Ideas to write down, overcoming challenges. I will list all these tasks and focus what is most important in my life. Yes I am sometimes forgetful so will write everything I can think of in my new Planner.

There is a section of Personal Goals and &Ideas, Professional Goals and Ideas. What meaningful goals will help improve my life this year. These are all wonderful thoughts that most of us might think of but do not actually write them down and track and make sure we achieve our goals.

Each month lists Essential Goals. Prioritize your top 5 values and schedule activities. Each day is listed by the day and has a full time schedule for appointments. At the end of each month lists a page that is titled "Monthly Priorities Masterlist. Did I master all my goals for that month. I sure am going to try.

The back of the book lists Notes & Reflections. I will jot down as a journal what ever my thoughts are for that day. When you order your Calendar planner you have free access to their library of 77 printable planning tools. I am so excited to get started. I will be writing each day and achieving all my goals that I have planned in my head but sometimes are forgotten because I have not written them down.

This is the best by far super Calendar, Planner Journal I have had. Kudos Tools4Wisdom. I know I will achieve many goals this upcoming year !!!! I received this Planner complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All words and opinions are my own.