Product Review Professional Exercise Resistance Loop Bands with Workout Video

Professional Exercise Resistance Loop Bands with Workout Video - Get You Fast Safe Effective Results

I have used resistant bands while I needed physical therapy so I thought I was used to working with them. I got ready for my workout, put the DVD in and started to do the warm up. I was totally amazed at the first 15 minutes !! Using resistant bands with a workout was awesome !! The exercises I did with the easy band gave me such a workout I could not believe it. I did only 15 minutes and stopped. I will do a little at a time. It made my arms feel great working out with the bands.

I am going to continue each day with this workout tape because this has really made me motivated and using the bands is so much harder than a regular workout. I highly recommend this workout tape !!!

Home-Complete makes a great DVD with 4 resistant loop bands. Beginner, medium, strong and xx strong. This is also good for physical therapy to exercise the areas of your body that is in need of therapy. I received the Professional Exercise set complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own.