Product Review OCHEE® Mini Facial Steamer

OCHEE® Mini Facial Steamer - NanoCare for Facial Skin - Professional Nano lonic Facial Sauna - Portable Size For Travel - Perfect for Aromatherapy - Facial Sprayer

I received the OCHEE Mini Facial Steamer. I really like this little facial steamer. It comes with a nice velvet pouch. I use it in the house and also have took it with me when I was outside. It is easy to fill up with water. It comes with a little dropper to fill the small container. Have to say it lasts a long time before you have to fill it up again.

I added 1 drop of Vitamin C to the water inside the container. I love vitamin c on my face so for a little extra I added it and now it sprays slightly on my face every time I use the facial steamer.

My only little disappointment was that I have to put it very close to my face. The picture shows using it from a distance. I had to put it closer to my face in order to feel the coolness. It might be because I was outside and it was windy or that I was inside and my ceiling fan was on. I think if the air is still you can put it further. All in all I like the way it feels on my face and will continue to use it. I received this mini facial steamer complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own.