Product Review Natural Liquid Chalk Markers Complete Bundle | 10 Pens Set

Natural Liquid Chalk Markers Complete Bundle | 10 Pens Set | Fine Chisel & Bullet Tip for each Pen Marker | Smooth Paint Ink that can Erase | Charming results on: Window, Chalkboard Labels, Glass, non-porous Blackboards, Chalkboards & More | Fluorescent & White Wet Ink for Kids | Broad point for drawing

Kitchen Supreme sells a great set of Liquid Chalk Markers. There are 10 in all with nice bright colors. Liquid chalk is so much fun because you can write on a surface such as a mirror glass chalkboard labels and erase them easily using a wet cloth. I have used other chalk markers and they always were thick. I could not write thin print. With these markers there are interchangeable tips to write thin. If you want a smaller print just change the tip.

My daughter took them to her classroom where she teaches preschool. The children love them !!! They love to write and the wash it off. They clean up very easy off their hands if any marker gets on them. She also uses them to decorate the room on the glass doors for special occasions and holidays. I received these markers complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own.