Product Review Kyasi Dream Stylus Pen Combo with top rated MicroFiber tip

Kyasi Dream Stylus Pen Combo with top rated MicroFiber tip ULTRA stylus Premium White

The Kyasi Dream Stylus Pen Combo is by far the best Stylus I have used. I am extremely particular about my stylus and it has to be perfect. I use my stylus with my phone and also my tablet. I also use it on my touch screen desktop computer. I have been through at least 10 stylus always purchasing them and just not liking them. Some would leave marks from being to rough on my screens.

When I received and started using Kyasi I knew this would be the best and only one I would use from now on. It does not have an ordinary rubber tip which on some stylus can be to soft or to hard. Ultra sensitive, soft yet durable micro-fiber tip offers a precise and superior writing or drawing experience. This conductive mesh makes using your favorite mobile device a pleasure and keeps the screen much cleaner. The tip is made of mesh and it glides perfectly across any of my devices without leaving any marks at all. You can switch the tip and have a excellent pen that always writes smooth.

Batteries are included for a super powerful laser pointer. A perfect quality Stylus Pen combo I highly recommend instead of the rubberized tips that leave smudges and just do not work nearly as good and the Kyasi !!! I received the Dream Sytlus Pen Combo complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All words and opinions are my own.