Product Review Kuuk Professional 48 Blade Meat Tenderizer

Kuuk Professional 48 Blade Meat Tenderizer

This is the first time I have had a Meat Tenderizer. I tried it on a London Broil. We were barbecuing hamburgers and I used the tenderizer. I pressed down when was easy and did it all over the meat. There are 48 blades that go through the meat. I honestly never thought they worked that is why I never bought one.

When we finished barbecuing and sat down to eat I started to slice the London Broil and I could immediately tell there will be a difference. It was very tender to cut. My family tried it and we couldn't believe the difference. It sure did work !! It was much easier to chew. I will be using my tenderizer on all my meats now. I even tried it on my chicken cutlets and it after I cooked them they were tender also.

I am so happy to have my new tenderizer and will continue to use it to make all my meat taste great !! I received this tenderizer complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own.