Product Review 85% HCA ENHANCED [★] Garcinia Cambogia

85% HCA ENHANCED [★] Garcinia Cambogia Extract Supreme (Standardized) - Superior Grade All Natural Supplement For Weight 

My mom wanted to loose a few pounds so I thought of Garcinia Cambogia for her. She has been using it for over a month. She did loose 2 pounds in a month. Not what she wanted she said but she hasn't really exercised or put a lot of effort into loosing the extra weight. This is an all natural supplement which she was very happy about. She has 30 more capsules to use for another month so she will be happy if she looses a total of 4 pounds.

I like that it has no fillers or binders. It is so much harder to loose weight when you are older. I think Life & Food makes a good product. I received this Garcinia Extract complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own. You can purchase this product on Amazon from Life & Food