Product Review Pop Sockets

I have to say when I received Pop Sockets I looked at then and really didn't understand what they were. I read the enclosed directions and tried it on my phone. I thought it was such a great idea !! You attach one to the back of your case. It works like a holder to talk on your phone. It is flat but works like an accordion that you pull out. It is a super holder to talk on you phone. Instead of holding your phone you hold the pop socket.

If you do not have a case that has a kickstand to hold up your phone to  watch movies you have pop socket. Just pull it out and place your phone on any flat surface and it is like a mini tv. You do not have to watch videos or movies flat or hold your phone in your hand.

They are easy to take off and put on another case. A super great idea. I use mine all the time. I received this product complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion.

Visit Pop Sockets website for many different designs they offer.