Product Review Magnesium Survival Fire Starter

Magnesium Survival Fire Starter - Water Proof - Military Grade - 12,000+ Strikes - Flammable Shavings - 3,000 Degree Sparks

I received the Survival Fire Starter. I am not an outdoors person but my husband and son are. My son has a "go to bag" that he has all survival items in case of a severe emergency. He has been collecting items now for over 2 years. I knew he did not have a fire starter. I gave him the fire starter and of course he had to test it out immediately !! We all went outside my son gathered a few dried sticks twigs and he did start a fire within a few strikes of the firestarter !!

I really did not know if it would work and I surely was skeptical. We needed water to put out the little fire that was started by this little kit. Yes for sure it does work and I was amazed. Another great item added to my sons survival bag !! I received this product complimentary in exchange for my unbiased opinion and review. All opinions and words are my own.