Product Review Lens Circle Contact Lenses

 Lens Circle Contact Lenses

My daughter wears contacts and occasionally she likes to try new contacts. I seen Circle Contact Lenses and I thought they would be perfect for her to try. I received her prescription and they arrived as any other contacts would. Protective glass bottles instructions and nicely packaged.

We picked out lenses that make her eyes look bigger. They looked really awesome on !!! It changed her eyes. On the outside of her pupils it was a darker color brown. Circle contacts makes great lenses. They fit her perfect and shes loves them. There are so many colors and choices of different styles. 

She received so many compliments and everyone asked what she did different to her eyes !!

If you wear glasses or contacts you really should look at their website.

I received these lenses complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and reviews and words are my own.