Product Review Intego Mac Premium Bundle X8

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X8 [Download]

I received Intego Mac Premium Bundle. I do not have a Mac but my son does. He insisted all along that Mac Computers never get spam, or viruses. He has had his computer for over two years now without any protection. As soon as I seen this I thought of him and his computer.

I installed it for him and ran a full system scan. It took a few hours because he has a lot on his Mac. When it was finished it surely did have many items Intego Mac caught. He had mailware, so many things that were slowing down his computer. It gives you so many options like clean up, virus protection. A great bundle.

I tell him to run it once a week and he always comes up with something !! I received this product complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion.