Product Review Fruit Acid Gel Peel 15%

Fruit Acid Gel Peel 15% (Lactic, Glycolic) Enhanced with Kojic - Professional Chemical Peel Kit, Best At Home AHA Peeling Facial Mask for Skin Lightening, Acne Scar Removal, Anti Aging Product

Refresh Skin Therapy is helping my acne scars slightly disappear. I have been using it for over a month now and I am starting to see a difference that my scars are lightening. I have olive color skin so when I get any kind of scars from acne they tend to show more. I am happy to see the difference with the gel peel.

I have in the past used a very strong peel that I said I would never do again. I didn't find this peel irritating nor really a peel. I use it a couple times a week and wash my face after leaving it on for approximately 15 minutes. It might work differently for everyone else depending on what color and type of skin you have. I am happy with the product and I do recommend it. I received this Gel Peel complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and reviews are my own.