Product Review Eco friendly Silicone Mat For Those Small Quick Jobs

Eco friendly Silicone Mat For Those Small Quick Jobs Store in a drawer Set of 4 Durable Flexible,compact Light Weight and Practical Kitchen Cutting Mat with Food Icons My LIL Friend!

I absolutely love this small cutting mat !! It is the perfect size for all my cutting tasks. From cutting onions, peppers, salad, mushrooms an so much more. It fits perfect on m counter. It is also made of very sturdy silicone. They come in a package of four with different colors. Even if I wanted to cut two items I can use 2 mats at the same time. Love it !!

They have an open slot if you want to hang them up. The inside is clear and each mat has a cute design of of a fruit or vegetable or meat. I put a hook up inside my cabinet so I can just reach one of them fast grab it and get cutting !! Great design, perfect size. I received these cutting mats complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own. pm5e84f634a68177313f944b18a1a2a745