Product Review RFID Blocking Sleeves, Genuine BLOCKIT

RFID Blocking Sleeves, Genuine BLOCKIT Credit Card Protection, LIFETIME GUARANTEE, Limited Supply, Stop Digital Theft with our Exclusive RFID Signal Blocking Material, Protect your Identity and Secure your Financial Data Now! (DSNR6-TP)

The blockit sleeves are really cute with great designs. Just slide your credit card in one and it protects it from anyone stealing your information. I have to rely on the company to believe this is true because I can not prove if it does work or not.

The company states that BLOCKIT Sleeves will protect your privacy and secure your most valuable data from digital pickpocketing. Each BLOCKIT Sleeve is engineered using 3 performance layers - A layer of aluminum material blocks 13.56MHz frequencies, a copper substrate layer blocks all 125kHz, while the outer layer is a glossy paper with attractive full color design.

These are great to have to protect your information. With so much credit card theft that happens these are a good thing to keep in your wallet or purse. I received this product complimentary in exchange for my unbiased opinion and review.