Product Review Prep'd Stainless Steel Chef's Fork

Prep'd Stainless Steel Chef's Fork - 3 Strong Tines - For Barbeque, Oven, Boiling Meats and Smoker

An excellent stainless steel fork. I have used it when I cooked roast beef, chicken and london broil. I like the big fork because it is easy to take your roasts out of the oven. I use it to hold my roast in place while I slice it. It keeps your meat nice and steady while cutting. It picked up my whole chicken when normally I use a smaller fork and it falls apart.

It's extremely well made, the prongs are super sharp and the handle is comfortable to grip. I have tried a few of DC Homewares products and they are good nice quality. I received this product complimentary in exchange for my unbiased opinion and review.