Product Review Microzest© Premium Lemon Zester

Microzest© Premium Lemon Zester, Cheese & Spice Grater - Professional Kitchen Tool + Bonus Recipes - Lemon, Cheese, Ginger, Garlic, Nutmeg, Citrus, Spice, Carrot, Vegetables, Fruits - Sharp Stainless Steel + Safety Cover

I have had a few zesters in the past. By far this is the best Zester I have ever owned !!! The handle is soft and has a shape that you have a great grip on it. It also comes with a slide off plastic protector to keep it from being scratched or ruined. It is also longer than the ones that I have had. It is much easier and less work to zest.

It has a stainless steel blade which is easy to clean. Or you can rinse it under running water, or if you like, just put it into the dishwasher. I zested a lemon with ease and also an orange. Microzest is the best !!! Also included is a FREE e-guide filled with tips and recipes. I received this product complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own.