Product Review High Quality FastOVacuum

High Quality FastOVacuum - Wine Preserver - Wine Pump - FREE eBook & 2 Stoppers - Lifetime Guarantee - Keep Calm & Save your wine for another time!

I am an occasion wine drinker. Most of the time I toss the bottle of wine because it has been more than a week or two before I have another glass. It does not taste the same when it sits for so long. I received the FastOVacuum complimentary for my unbiased opinion and review. I received it almost 3 weeks ago and used it after I had a glass of wine.

The instructions were very clear on the back and it tells you exactly what to do. How many pumps you should do with how much wine is left. I followed the instructions and put my bottle of wine in the fridge. A week and a half went by and I decided to have a glass of wine. I took out the stopper and tried it. It did taste better than usual. It does help Preserve your wine. I am glad to know I do not have to toss out my bottle of wine anymore.