Product Review Grill Light for BBQ

Grill Light for BBQ: Best Barbecue Tool & Accessory For Your Barbeque. Ultra Bright Handle Mount LED Illuminates Your Food In All Weather.

My husband is in love with this light !!! We barbecue all year round and barbecue many times a week and  this will be so great when it starts to get dark early. He put it on our barbecue the other day and it was a very bright light. He was able to cook and not have to turn on any other lights. I looked outside and could not believe how bright this light was.  We have been taking it on and off as we use it. It fits perfect and is easy to put on. 

It is also so easy to turn on and off. Just push the top down and it instantly lights and touch it again and the light goes off and it comes with batteries. I even used it in the house today to fix my printer. 

My husband works in construction and he works a lot on pipes underground. He wants to use it to attach to the pipes so he can see because he says it is much brighter than a flashlight and he has to hold a flashlight. Very happy with this product !!! I received this product complimentary in exchange for my unbiased opinion and review.