Product review Probiotics for Dogs with Prebiotics

Probiotics for Dogs with Prebiotics • Daily Chews for Digestion, Regularity, Diarrhea • Money Back Guarantee • Treat and Supplement for Immune System, Bowel Issues, Food Intolerances, Stressful Situations, Gas, Itching, Allergies, Energy and Overall Wellness Support • Manufactured in the USA and Tested for Safety • Made with Natural Ingredients • Wheat Free • Good for Sensitive Stomachs • Tasty and Highly Palatable Duck Flavor • For Dogs of All Sizes • 60 Count • By Paw Choice

Probotics by Paw choice is exactly what my Shih Tzu Teddy needed. He has been suffering from Digestive problems from eating his food to quickly. I have had to spoon feed him slowly so he keeps down his food. This will help improve his digestive problems. Both my dogs love the taste and they always are looking for more !!

 I am so happy this will help his Immune System, Bowel Issues, Food Intolerances. It will especially help him since he suffers from Allergies.
 My little Yorkshire Terrier will also benefit from this because she is now 11 and she is starting to have bowel problems. Made with Natural Ingredients and Wheat Free and MANUFACTURED IN THE USA. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED by Paw Choice. I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest review.