Product Review Patella Strap Knee Brace Support

Patella Strap Knee Brace Support, A Tendon Band to Ease Patella Tendonitis, Chondromalacia Patella, Runners or Jumpers Knee, Includes Knee Pain Relief eBook, Black

I have been using this for the two weeks on and off depending what I am doing. I mostly suffer knee pain when I walk up and down steps, So far it has been relieving my pain most of the time. I have bad knees from surgery and my knees were never the same afterwards. The Patella Strap is small that is what I really like about it. I have tried other Brace Supports but they were bulky and uncomfortable. Patella's is thin, cushioned and has super velco straps from keeping it sliding down my leg.

Since I had surgery on both knees I will have to purchase another one. I will use it more often now to make sure it keeps on working. So far its super !! It is such a relief to be able to go up and down steps and not feel that terrible pain. It is so comfortable that I actually feel like I do not have it on. You do not even notice it unless if I was wearing shorts. If you suffer from knee pain such as I, you should try Patella's Knee Brace Support, Includes Knee Pain Relief and eBook, I have received this product complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review. Super Product.