Product Review Kiva Gourmet HOT + SWEET SMOKED Spanish Paprika

Kiva Gourmet HOT + SWEET SMOKED Spanish Paprika -From The Famous La Vera Region of Spain - 4 oz Total WT (2-PACK SET)

I love spices added to my foods. I have always used regular paprika. Kiva Gourmet Hot Paprika adds a great kick to any dish. I used it on baked chicken. It gave a great spicy taste. I found it to be not to overwhelming with spice but just the right amount to add a little hot to your dish. I would consider it a mild to slightly hot taste. (2 PACK SET)- 1 Bottle SWEET AND 1 Bottle HOT Smoked Spanish Paprika.

I tried the Sweet Paprika and added to the rice I cooked. It gave a nice sweet taste so much different than regular paprika. I will definitely use it with different dishes I cook. I would like to try it in a meatloaf, my beef stew, and cooked vegetables. I received this product complimentary in exchange for my unbiased opinion and review.