Product Review Bagibobs Premium Reusable Grocery Bags

Bagibobs Premium Reusable Grocery Bags - Save the Planet (Kitchen)

What a great Grocery Bag. I have never owned a grocery bag always used the regular plastic bags that hurt your hands !! I have been using Bagiboobs bag when I go to CVS or a drug store. It is very easy to fold and store in its own little bag. When I am just getting a few things it is so useful. It holds a lot of items and the handles are wide and does not hurt my hands when I carry it. It is made out of soft Nylon which is easy to wash.
I keep it in my pocketbook so when ever I want to use it I have it. The handles are long enough that I can even carry it on my shoulder.I received this product complimentary in exchanged for my unbiased review. A very high quality bag !!


  1. They are so cute, I love the design!

  2. I love reusable grocery bags I have most of my craft supplies in them as well but they are not as pretty as these, thanks for sharing