Product Review America's Best Organic Self Tanner with Free Guide!

America's Best Organic Self Tanner with Free Guide! Indoor Tanning Lotion for Body and and Face [Overnight Sunless Tanning] Streak Free and Waterproof

I used to love to be Tan and sit in bake in the sun. Now I have zero patience in the summer and do miss that glow !!This is hands down the BEST sunless tanning product I've used. I have tried this on my arms to see how it works. I will use it fully on my body in the summer. I followed the directions and it was amazing !! I had a super tan on my arm which was not greasy, sticky, blends well, absorbs/dries fast and has no bad smell. I think it's a great product for anyone who avoids the sun but still wants to have a beautiful tan. It does not look fake or orange like other tanners. It is a true tan look.

 I have tried other tanners a few years ago and all it did was make a mess. I even rubbed my arm on a white towel and the tanner did not come off. The tips that the manufacturer sent me also helps never before has anyone taken the time to tell me how to get the best results. I highly recommend this Organic Self Tanner. I received their Ebook "Self Tan Secrets" Free Via Email! Thermalabs makes a great product. I did receive this product complimentary in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.