Product Review 15" Packing Sleeves/Folders by Dot&Dot

15" Packing Sleeves/Folders by Dot&Dot (Available in 10 Colors, 1pc and 2pc Set)

What a great idea !!! Shirts will not wrinkle, just fold and place them inside velcro close and complete !! It comes with a hard plastic instruction sheet for maximum use of the packing folder. It shows you how to fold your shirts to compress your clothes so you can have more room in your luggage. If you fold your clothes correctly you can fit quite a few shirts that will stay nice and unwrinkled.  It would be great for business attire as well as casual clothes.

 I would even take this with me for an over night trip or weekend trip to keep my clothes nice. This envelope style bag is of high quality. This packing folder is a nylon and mesh material. The folder also has a little carrying hoop on the one end which makes it easy to hold. When it is not in use it has a thick plastic bag to place it in to keep it secure. Dot&Dot makes superb quality items.  I did receive this product complimentary in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.