Product Review #1 Best LED Headlamp Flashlight

#1 Best LED Headlamp Flashlight: Indoor/Outdoor. Incl. Batteries + Money-Back-Guarantee! Great for Camping, Running, Hiking, Kids, Reading, Emergency Use - Super Bright, Lightweight & Comfortable - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee + **Free Bonuses!**

My husband and son both go hunting and they go into the woods when it is dark. They normally carry a hand held flash light. They both work in construction and my son needs this to attach to his hardhat so he can see better.  As soon as I seen this I knew they would both love it. They are fighting over it !!!

The first day I received it it went into instant use. My vacuum hose was clogged. My husband could not see and he could not hold a flash light hold the vacuum and also try and remove the dust. He put the LED Headlamp Flashlight on his head and was able to work hands free!! I had to take a picture of him using it. It is very well made and of high quality. Super bright with different lightening settings. Also a red light. It is adjustable for all size heads and will fit perfect on anyone.

This will be used over and over in my household. I will definitely have to order another one once hunting season is here. I received this product complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review. All my opinions are my own.