Lunch Bag Hango™ - Set of Two Sizes (Small and Large)

Lunch Bag Hango™ - Set of Two Sizes (Small and Large) - Black Deluxe Insulated Bags for Adults and Children with a Beautiful Cotton Gift Bag - Durable Product for Women and Men - Premium Design with Totes - Perfect Cooler Reusable Lunch Box to Carry Your Food and Snack - Protect Your Investment - Best Lifetime Guarantee!

These are the cutest lunch bags that I have ever owned. Both my children take their lunch to work everyday. We have been through quite a lot of lunchbags. This is perfect for my son to take with him because I pack him a big lunch with a lot of snacks. I received two lunch bags a small and large. I will pack his lunch and drinks in the larger one and put his snacks separate in the smaller one. He took them yesterday to work. They are made of quality material not plastic on the outside like most others. They were easy to clean inside and I just wiped down the outside and let dry. He said they were easy to open. They went off again to work with him today !! 

The handle is sturdy and I picked a dark color because he works in construction. From having so many lunch bags I know these are made very well and will last a long time. Sophisticated design and so many color choices. The lunch boxes came in a nice cotton bag if you would like to give as a gift or even to put both full lunch boxes in to take with you. I received these complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion.