Anytime Windshield Cover for Snow/Ice/Sun- Car Cover

Anytime Windshield Cover for Snow/Ice/Sun- Car Cover- Lifetime Warranty

I received my Anytime Winshield Cover for all weather. At first I just put it across my windshield put it flat and then went back in the house. A half an hour later I looked out my window in the driveway and seen it was on the floor. I immediately emailed the seller and explained to him that because of the wind it was now working. He responded immediately to let me know that I was not using it the right way. He explained to me I need to put the two ends inside the doors then close them. It was my fault I did not ready the instructions !!! He also sent me a video to show me the right way to put it on. A super pleasant seller !!

Once I followed the directions it stayed on like a glove !! It takes a few minutes to put on and it protects my windshield from snow, in the summer it will protect the car from becoming so hot. Protects my windshield wipers. My husband has the inside folder to protect from sun but it always falls down. This will not fall down it works super. Deanamic Driven offers a Lifetime Warranty!! I received this product complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review.