Therapeutic Hot Cold Gel Eye Mask - Warming Cooling Sinus Masks By MakExpress

Love this Hot Cold Mask !!! I have always wanted to try a Cold Eye Mask. I suffer from frequent migraines and the pain are always in my eyes. It took about 30 minutes to freeze. I relaxed sat back and put it on my eyes.  It didn't feel heavy on my eyes, it is lightweight making it very comfortable to relax with. It felt so nice and cool. Just by relaxing and using the mask made my headache much less. 

It fit perfectly on my eyes. I love the pink glitter gel my favorite color. It is great if you are just relaxing and need some down time. Or if you wake up in the morning and didn't sleep well and your eyes are puffy, just sit for a half an hour and it will help your eyes. I received this at a promotional price for my honest unbiased review.
I will definitely recommend this Therapeutic Hot/Cold Gel Eye Mask to anyone that suffers from headaches, sinus infections and puffy eyes.