My Product Reviews

Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror

I received my Fogless Shower Mirror several days ago. My husband put it up very quickly. It was very easy to install on the shower wall. We decided to place it on the other end of the shower head. My husband was the first to use it. HE LOVED IT !!! For the first time he was able to shave in the shower. He said it saved him a lot of time by being able to shave in the shower !!!! He was very hesitant about it no fogging but said it really worked great. My son later that evening came home from work and took a shower. I told him to try shaving in the shower. He came out and said that is awesome !!! He also said there was no fog on the mirror. A great item for everyone !! I also am going to make it useful by tweezing my eyebrows :) . Useful for everyone in our family. Thank You !!!