Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My 5 days of Aromatherapy with a cold and cough


I have received many different Essential Oils from companies and have purchased a few also. I have a few diffusers and always read about what each oil does and how it works.
I have over the past year tried different oils, lemon, tea tree oil, peppermint, eucalyptus etc.

I have used tea tree oil for my skin on a short term basis for acne, peppermint oil to refresh the house in a spray bottle. I have not used one for a substantial long time to see the full results with any kind of sickness.

Two days ago I started to not feel so well. Yesterday I was definitely coming down with a cold. As we get older a simple cold turns into body aches, and feeling really not well. I feel like I have the flu. I am going to look up the best alternative for colds and coughs and use the diffuser daily to see if it helps my sickness.

When I feel better I will be writing about which oils I decided to use and my diffuser.


I am back it has been 7 days since I first starting feeling sick. I am a true believer in Essential Oils helping heal colds and coughs. I am writing about my full experience.

Day 1: Felt a little under the weather.

Day 2: Oh yes, body aches and throat hurts and know I am getting sick.
I looked up on-line and seen which oil was good to fight a cold and cough and aches. There were quite a few. I decided to mix lemon oil and eucalyptus that combination seemed to be my best solution.
I put in more than a few drops and stayed on my couch with the diffuser on. After a few minutes started to smell the lemon oil in the air. It did feel refreshing. I also slept with it on that night and I did not wake up all night long like I usually do because of a stuffy nose and not being able to breath.

Day 3: Woke up not really stuffy I felt slightly better. As the day went on I still had the diffuser on and just relaxed and watched TV and did a few chores throughout the day. Did not need nose spray. { I am one if I can't breath I can't function !! } Still sneezing but not a lot of mucous like I normally would have. Looked up the best oil for coughs. That night I switched my oils to peppermint oil and a a few drops of lemon. I am coughing slightly. Went to sleep with the diffuser again on my night table.

Day 4: Slept great, no coughing during the night and I can breath. The essential oils are fighting my cold and cough. I feel much better. Still using the diffuser during the day with peppermint oil and lemon oil. I was 85% better and I was so happy this cough and cold is subsiding. I kept up with the diffuser using it 24 hours a day. 

Day 5: Cold is gone, coughing is slight. When I get a cold and cough it sometimes takes weeks for it to go away. This is by far the fastest and best I have felt in this time frame. As I stated before I am SUCH A BELIEVER OF AROMATHERAPY FOR COLDS AND COUGHS !!

 I am now using the diffuser on and off during the day. I feel 
great. If you are coming down with a cold I highly suggest trying Essential Oils as an alternative. I did not take any medication while using the Oils. 5 Days of how I felt using Aromatherapy. I am going to read more on different oils, how they work, the best therapies to see if I also have the same results as with lemon, peppermint and eucalyptus oils with a cold and cough.

Have you tried an essential oil for a sickness that worked or did not work.? Would love to hear your opinions and what you used. 

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  1. It's amazing how many things essential oils can do. I have a few different bottles but I'd love to expand my collection!

  2. It's crazy how many different uses Essential Oils have. I haven't really tested many Essential Oils out but I hear they're great <3

  3. When my kids and I start to get sick I always turn first to my essential oils. Love to diffuse Thieves and eucalyptus, Haven't tried lemon for colds yet- thanks for the tips! Also it's great to apply diluted oils to your feet.

  4. It is so interesting how many things that essential oils seems to treat. I haven't really tried them out, but I am glad that your discomfort seems to have been eased by using them! Feel better :)

  5. I am so with you, I am in love with our diffuser and essential oils, I use it a lot and even for our son, its such a precious thing and it helps with colds or just to relax.

  6. I haven't tried essential oils but I keep meaning to give them a try!! I have heard how beneficial they can be and I love the idea!!

  7. I adore essential oils. I don't really use much and am just learning about them myself but so many swear by them and I think its great. - Jeanine

  8. I haven't tried essential oils the way they should actually work properly. I love using peppermint oil around my house. The smell is great and it makes my mood much better. Same for Lavender Oil. I need to invest in a diffuser.

  9. I haven't tried essential oils the way they should actually work properly. I love using peppermint oil around my house. The smell is great and it makes my mood much better. Same for Lavender Oil. I need to invest in a diffuser.

  10. Wow, I never thought I could get this kind of benefit with aromatherapy! I tried it a few years ago in a salon together with a hair treatment and it was fantastic!!! The most relaxing hair care ever!!! You now gave me such a great idea!

  11. Wow, that's amazing! I never knew essential oils could help you with a cold. I've only ever used lavender oil to sleep but I will definitely have to check into getting a diffuser along with some other oils.

  12. I had only tried eucalyptus for colds before. I know that is good for clearing your lungs out etc, but hadn't tried others. Some food for thought!