Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kuuk Stainless Steel Garlic Press, Mincer - Silver

Kuuk Stainless Steel Garlic Press, Mincer - Silver

This garlic press is perfect. Made from stainless steel and very strong and sturdy. It is very easy to use. Just place garlic cloves inside the press and presto !! out comes small minced garlic.

I have other presses and always found them so difficult. You do not have to take the skin off the press but it does make it a little harder to press since I am not really strong. I prefer to take it off the use the press. You can do it either way. With each clove i just wipe the inside of the press and peel off the extra skin that is left and put my next clove inside. I have been cutting garlic by hand and it is very time consuming. Using the press makes it so much faster to mince garlic.

The handles and nice and wide so you can get a really good grip to press the garlic. Love my press !! After I am done I put it right in the dishwasher and it cleans perfect each time. It comes nicely boxed and even would be great for a gift. I received this garlic press complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion. All opinions and words are my own.

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