Saturday, March 21, 2015

Product Review Flashlight LED - Best All Purpose Bright Everyday & All Weather Use

Flashlight LED - Best All Purpose Bright Everyday & All Weather Use. Car Emergency Red Flashing Light! Plus Worklight! Magnetized End Sticks to Vehicle, Fits in Glove Box, Keep You & Your Family Safe! Flexible Uses- Boat, Camping. Lifetime Guarantee!

My husband was thrilled when he seen this flashlight. He works in construction and sometimes works slightly below the ground where he needs a good flashlight. He likes the idea of the light on the side. He says he stands it up and uses the side light to help him see while he works.
He says the LED is very bright on both sides. He has been using it for work everyday so far and it makes his job easier.

He also goes hunting and fishing and will use it on his boat at night. It is a great idea to have the flashing red light just in case of an emergency. He will get many uses from this flashlight. A perfect flashlight that is super bright, works well, and is a quality item. I received this flashlight complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review.

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